Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. It comes from the Argan tree nuts ( Argania Spinoza ). Thanks to its unique composition, it has been a true, natural-beauty and youth elixir for Moroccan women for centuries. That is why Argan oil sometimes is called "Moroccan" or "liquid" gold.

Argania spinoza - Argan tree

Today, more and more women and men know the secret of Argan oil worldwide. Argan oil is known for its cosmetic, medicinal and nutritional properties. It has excellent anti-aging effects, moisturizes dry skin, heals acne and other skin problems like dry skin, psoriasis or eczema. It also serves as a skin protection and skin cancer prevention, nourishes damaged and brittle hair and nails and reduces pain and joint stiffness.

Maybe, Argan oil is not literally "elixir of youth", but it is close enough. Moroccan women have know his magic for many years. Now you can see for yourself how effective it is!

For your health and beauty

The secret of Argan oil is based on its unique composition. Argan oil, in addition to other qualities, is full of natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acids, sterols and polyphenols. It also contains high amounts of vitamin E and squalene. For these reasons, Argan oil has an amazing range of positive health and cosmetic effects for your skin, hair and nails care.

  • Natural source of antioxidants

    Antioxidants have anti-aging effects. They protect skin cells from chemicals, pollution and ultraviolet rays producing free radicals which attack healthy cells and cause damage and aging of skin. Antioxidants help keep your skin youthful, smooth, without wrinkles and naturally hydrated.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids

    Essential fatty acids are ideal for the skin. Not only they moisturize it, but they reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well. They even have anti-aging effect. Essential fatty acids also heal dry and damaged hair, soften them and help to prevent frayed ends. They help nourish nails and reduce pain and joint stiffness.

  • Healthy source of phytosterols

    Phytosterols have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effects. They are ideal for healing scars and improving your skin and hair condition. In addition, phytosterols moisturize dry skin, heal damaged skin and prevent some skin cancer forms.

  • High content of vitamin E

    Vitamin E is fundamental in the care of your skin, hair and nails. It helps prevent sunburn, provides protection against sunlight and promotes burned or damaged skin and scars healing. Due to its excellent properties in sun protection it serves as an effective skin cancer prevention.

Argan oil also contains other essential ingredients for skin, hair and nails regeneration.


Argan oil, that we offer you is 100% pure, natural, cold pressed, extra virgin cosmetic Argan oil and 100% pure, natural culinary Argan oil pressed from roasted argan kernels.

Argan oil

The oil comes directly from Morocco, where it is produced by a community of berber women. It is certified (ECOCERT) product fulfilling the international standard of extra virgin oil quality.