Against acne

with Argan oil

Say goodbye to acne, Argan oil will help you!

When you talk about oil in relation to acne, most people will think you are a fool. How oil can help with acne, when oily skin is the first thing that causes pimples? That's true, but Argan oil is different!

Causes of acne?

The exact causes of acne are not known. Most mention the hyper-productive oil glands, poor diet, skin problems caused by skin bacteria hyperactivity, or blocked pores. Oil, naturally secreted by the skin, accumulates due to inadequate cleaning and can block skin pores.

Benefits of Argan Oil to fight acne

Although Argan oil is classified as an oil, it leaves no irritating residue and really helps clean the skin. Argan oil used as a cream acts as a protection against solar radiation and as a barrier against contamination of the complexion by external influences. The main elements that give Argan oil its special healing properties are:

  • Squalene, which is used also in sunscreen lotions to protect complexion and prevent skin cancer. It prevents complexion contamination by adverse environment effects as well.
  • Vitamin F, which is known for its anti-aging effects. It helps tighten the skin, spread narrows pores and softens wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E is another well-known element for a young and fresh complexion. Almost all sunscreen lotions and anti-aging creams contain vitamin E.