Argan oil

for health of entire body

Cosmetic and culinary argan oil

What is the difference between cosmetic and culinary argan oil?

Cosmetic argan oil is always cold pressed from the best seeds and carefully filtered several times . The result is a high quality argan oil, featuring a bright golden color, ideal for beauty care.

The production process of culinary argan oil is different. Shells stripped seeds are roasted before pressing. The resulting oil is characterized by intense nutty aroma and taste, and darker, orange color. Oil made this way is ideal for hot and cold dishes.

We offer both types of Argan oil, 100% pure natural products without any additives (conservatives, colorants or perfumes). Oil is pressed from seeds of Argania spinosa. Cold pressing (without roasting the seeds before) retains the maximum content of beneficial substances and vitamins. Together with its soft nutty aroma, this characteristic makes it ideal for cosmetic use. Pressed from roasted argan nut kernels, culinary argan oil is tasty and healthy ingredient for your cooking.

Benefits of argan oil for health

Consumption of argan oil brings you good health and harmony of the entire body!

  • Thanks to its high content in vitamins and healthy substances, particularly greasy acids, argan oil significantly helps in reducing cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart attacks and other vascular diseases.
  • It has beneficial effects on the immunity system and helps prevent the risk of cancer formation.
  • Due to its high content in vitamin E, argan oil regulates the heart activity.
  • It supports the nervous and lymphatic system and slows down the process of degenerative diseases.
  • It helps curing arthritis, articular pains and rheumatic disorders.
  • Last but not least, consuming argan oil helps having an healthy digestion.